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Handstands & Hand to Hand Balance

Our Handstand class is designed to help you learn how to handstand. We will help you to understand your handstand position and balance, while also improving your strength and mobility. All levels are welcome to attend this class (you do not need to know how to handstand already). You will also learn basic partner balance with progressions into more advanced partner handstands.

Part 1

Individual Handstand Training

In the first half of this class you will be guided through handstand specific exercises (such as mobility & compression conditioning) to help you strengthen & stretch the areas that are important for your handstand shape & position.  You will have the opportunity to practice your handstands, our coaches will offer you assistance & you can practice against a wall or landing mat if you need extra support.  You will also learn how to safely come out of handstands which will help build your confidence to moving away from the wall/mat.  For those who are comfortable practicing their handstand away from the wall, you can also challenge yourself with some different entries & exits.  

Part 2

Partner Balance Training

We don’t expect you to go straight into a hand balance but we can show you the progressions into working towards being balanced on somebody else’s hands (aka Hand to Hand).  You will learn easier positions first, that with practice can eventually lead into ‘hand to hand’ & ‘standing in hands’ balance.  We promise it’s not that scary & our coaches will support you throughout the class!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to handstand is a great challenge for you both body & your mind.  It takes patience, perseverance and practice.  Not only will you increase your physical strength and mobility, but you will also develop your cognition while learning to balance on your hands.  Mastering your handstand is a journey, it is both challenging and full-filling, and there are many fun elements to play around with during the process.  

A combination of individual and partner training including guided exercises to increase your strength, mobility & movement patterns along with some time to practice your handstand.


Perfect place for acro and fun! Chris and Mon are the best! Expect to improve beyond your imagination!

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