Acro for Beginners

Acro for Beginners is an introduction to partner acrobatics. This class is best suited to those who are brand new to acro. Learn about the different roles (base, flyer, spotter), different acro styles and important positions, techniques & alignment that make acro achievable & safe. A partner is recommend (not required) but it’s definitely more fun with a friend or loved one (plus it means you can practice between classes!)


Beginner Pose: Bird

Handstands & Hand to Hand Balance

This class begins with the foundations of handstands (which does mean a little bit or core work!) This class works on body position & alignment to work towards developing your handstand. The second part of this class looks at balancing people with your hands – which is where to ‘hand to hand’ & ‘standing in hands’ comes into play. This class covers the roles of both the base & the flyer when balancing a partner on your hands or being balanced on your partners hands.

Photo by Hayden Shepherd


This Intermediate level class involves a variety of acro fun! From static postures, flows, pops and to standing acro.  A mixed class where creativity is encouraged & some experience is required. 

Photo by Hayden Shepherd

Acro Fundamentals & Tumbling

This class begins with basic tumbling for warm-up (including cartwheels, floor rolls, handstands) & progresses to Acro Fundamentals including more advanced partner drills, skills & thrills!

Open Training

Open training provides a safe space to practice acrobatic skills. This session is supervised by our teachers who can offer support and guidance, however no formal class instruction is provided. Creativity is encouraged – found a pose on instagram? Or just want to drill your skills? Take advantage of our crash mats, lunge lines & coaches who can assist you to make it happen!

Creativity at Open Training