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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Acroyoga / L-Basing

L-Basing is partner based acrobatics involving a ‘base’ and ‘flyer’. Bases & flyers work together to create poses where the flyer is balanced on the feet or hands of the base. Both base & flyer are building core and overall strength, while improving the ability to balance, & improving teamwork & communication. Acroyoga/L-basing is also a great way to have fun interactions & build connections with others.

Beginner level includes static poses and acro balance fundamentals. Intermediate level includes dynamic movements, including flows, pops and transitions of the static poses learnt in the beginner class.

Beginner Pose: Bird

Standing Acrobatics

Standing acrobatics consists of a base and a flyer where the base lifts and supports the flyer in standing static poses or moving standing flows (known as Adagio). Tempo, timing and positional fundamentals are taught.

Standing Acrobatics is suitable for all levels, there are poses/movements from beginner level to the advanced acrobats…


A combination class involving static postures, counter balances, acroflows and some standing acrobatics. This class is aimed at intermediate level acrobats (read more about level descriptions on our FAQ page).

Intermediate Counter Balance

Open Training

Open training provides a safe space to practice acrobatic skills. This session is supervised by our teachers who can offer support and guidance, however no formal class instruction is provided. Creativity is encouraged – found a pose on instagram? Or just want to drill your skills? Take advantage of our crash mats, lunge lines & coaches who can assist you to make it happen!

Creativity at Open Training