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New Year. Better You.

10 Tips for a Healthy 2020.

1. Be Active.

A physically active lifestyle has many health benefits which can include:
– An increase in your energy levels (important for those busy bodies!)
– Maintaining healthy bones & muscles
– Improve brain function & memory
– Improve your sleep! (A good rest is important)
– A reduced risk of chronic disease (e.g heart disease)
– An improvement in mood & decreased levels of stress
– Weight loss (if it’s something that you are aiming to achieve)
Healthline: Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

2. Eat Well

It’s important to supply your body with nutrients – fuel your power house! Like being active, eating the right foods for you can assist in reducing the risk of disease, maintaining healthy bones, developing your muscles & keeping your brain focused.

Nutrition is specific to each individual in regards to preference, intolerances & portion requirements, but generically it is recommended to eat a wide variety of the food groups, including plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables. Remember to be prepared – chuck an apple or banana in your bag to eat when you feel peckish & avoid buying last minute processed snacks, or invest in a smoothie maker (one of the best decisions we made in 2019) & find some really simple recipes to get started (or just make it up like we do!)
Read Australian Dietary Guidelines here

3. Keep Hydrated

Did you know the average Aussie only drinks 1.29L of water per day? Thats less than the recommended amounts (2.5L Males / 2.0L Females). “It takes only a 2% loss of total water content for your body to start feeling thirsty. Once you’re at this point your body is already in a state of dehydration. If you’re only mildly dehydrated you’re 114% more likely to make an error, which is similar to drinking low levels of alcohol.”

Staying hydrated is not easy, our best advice is to find a reusable water bottle that you LOVE – sounds silly I know, but since finding ‘the perfect bottle’ with the right style of cap/spout, sipping water throughout the day has become a much easier habit. Not to mention, reusable water bottles are good for the environment. Hydration promotes cardiovascular health, assists to maintain healthy muscles & joints, helps rid of toxins in the body & importantly, it helps us get that smooth, glowing skin! Drink up!
Human Hydration: Are we drinking enough?

4. Goodnight, Sleep Tight

“A good laugh & a good sleep are the two best cures for anything”
The benefits of a good sleep should never be underestimated. Not only is sleep important for our body physically, but it’s important for our mental & emotional health too. Sleep has many benefits including powering up your immune system, reducing stress levels, improving your memory & concentration & cognitive abilities & generically keeps you in a better mood. Not to mention sleep is important in maximising your athletic performance – a good acrobat needs a great sleep! And it’s not just about ‘sleep’ itself, there are ways to improve the quality of your sleep including cutting out the caffeine in the evenings, reducing light & noise in your bedroom, & investing in some good quality bedding & a comfy pillow – after all, on average we spend a third of our lives sleeping…
Check out this TED Talk on the Benefits of Sleep (6 minute video)

5. Get Outside

Being outdoors doesn’t just feel good – it is good, for you.
Research has shown that being outside for just 20 minutes can give your brain a boost the equivalent to a cup of coffee. Exposure to sunlight gives us a dose of Vitamin D, which is an important nutrient & also assists our body to absorb calcium for strong bones & reducing inflammation. The outdoors is also known for improving creativity & restoring your focus.
11 Scientific Benefits of Being Outdoors

6. Be Social

We all love a good laugh with friends right? Human interaction is an important part of life & can benefit other areas of our life including; problem solving & decision making, critical thinking, creativity, flexibility, adaptability & research & evaluation skills. Increasing our social network can also increase our opportunities (whether it be job opportunities, new friendships or health & fitness opportunities) & increase our self esteem, self worth & self confidence. So don’t forget to make some time for your friends – grab a coffee (or a beer), go for a walk, or bring them along to an Acro class (we promise they will thank you later!)
5 Good Reasons you should Work Out with your Friends

7. Challenge yourself

Make things interesting by learning a new skill, learn something new, try something different, explore something outside of your comfort zone. We are lucky in this day & age there are many opportunities to learn new things & ways of doing so. For example, there are many things you can learn online or via an app such as language, or check out websites such as Udemy or Teachable to browse courses of interest. Maybe you want to learn something practical, like taking a cooking class or art classes. Perhaps you want to get physical & try a new sport (what about Partner Acro?!) Whatever it is, just do it! Grab a friend or go it alone, what are you waiting for?

8. ‘Me Time’

It’s easy to go full pace ahead at the start of the new year, you’ve most likely had a break from work, ate some good food, drank some good wine, had a few sleep ins & geared yourself up for the year to come. But keep in mind things get busy & life is full of ups & downs. Don’t forget to take time out for yourself, & recognise when it’s time to take it. Everyone’s version of ‘Me Time’ is different, it could be taking a hot bath, going for an ocean swim, listening to music, reading a book, watching a movie, it could even be doing some handstands. Whatever it is, make sure you do it, for you.
Read more about ‘me time’ health benefits here

9. Treat Yo’self

Such a simple thing to do (but uh… don’t over do it). So you’re an adult & you have some discipline (go you!) but don’t forget to reward yourself now & then. Even we do it, after a week of healthy eating we may enjoy a cheeky pizza now & then, or after some serious training we may enjoy a fun play. Because everyone deserves a little treat now & then!
Treat yo-self for mental health


And lots of it 😉

From us here at The Acro Studio, we wish you all the best for 2020.
-Chris & Mon



To celebrate Webers Circus returning to the Northern Beaches we are teaming up to offer not 1 but 3 Spectacular Prize Packs!

Webers Circus will be showcasing their ‘A Touch of Christmas’ Show December 6th-15th at Boondah Reserve, Warriewood.

Webers Circus & The Acro Studio are GIVING AWAY 3 Prize Packs!
Each prize pack includes:


Visit The Acro Studio Facebook Page & Instagram Page for instructions on how to enter the competition!


Webers Circus ‘A Touch of Christmas’

Competition T&C’s
*Winners will be announced WEDNESDAY 4th DECEMBER 2019
*Competition winners will need to collect their prize from The Acro Studio (8/3 Apollo Street, Warriewood)
*Prize for Partner Acro Class at The Acro Studio for new customers only, if an existing Acro Studio customer is the selected winner for a Double Pass to Webers Circus, another winner will be drawn to win the Partner Acro Classes.

Dish. The Core Strengthening Exercise that will Change Everything.

Anyone who comes to our classes knows this position well.  We often include a taste of this ab burner in our warmups (either static dish holds or variations of) because it’s also a very important position in Acro – for both flyers & bases. 

So what is a ‘dish’?

Also known as a ‘hollow hold’ the dish position is an exercise which strengthens your abdominal & oblique muscles, & stabilises your lower back (which is important in the everyday prevention of back injuries).  

Your core is more than your abs!

The ‘Core’ is a group of muscles that wrap entirely around your mid section providing strength, stabilisation & support to your entire body & importantly, your spine.  The strength (or weakness) of your core affects the rest of your body including the way you stand (posture), the way you walk (gait), the way you move during almost every regular daily activity, let alone during physical exercise.  The anatomy of the core includes Rectus Abdominus (front), External Obliques (side) & Erector Spinae (back).  The dish position strengthens all of these muscles & more, including your gluteals, hip flexors, quads + more. 

How should you do it?

The position should be tight – squeeze. everything.

Engage the core, pulling your sternum and pelvis towards one another, engage your glutes, squeeze your legs together squeezing your quads, and of course point your TOES!  Reaching your hands towards your knees should elevate your shoulders off the ground, creating a concave shape from head to toe.

The crucial accuracy of this position is to ensure that your there is no space between your lower back and the floor.  Try this with a friend & see if they can slide their hand between your lower back & the floor.  If they can get their hand in you are not in the correct position.  

Why is it so important? 

For general health & fitness, a strong core is important for good posture, improving balance, prevention of injury & protecting your back.  Think about the anatomy, your core wraps around your body (front, side & back) strength in this area is important to build a strong support system for your entire body.  

Additionally, many of the skills we teach in our acro classes are improved with more core activation.  Allows for a stronger foundation as a base, and a tighter position as a flyer.  

Technique Tips!

  • If you are struggling with the dish hold, try the easier variation to become familiar with the position with proper technique (rather than performing the dish incorrectly – see common incorrect positions below).
  • Aim for a 60 second hold, but if you can only hold the position for a certain amount of time before your back starts to curve, stop there & reset.  Build the strength rather than holding in the incorrect position.
  • Shaking is OK, it means you are working hard! Keep going!

Alternative / Other Exercises

  • You can also hold dish in the plank position (either on hands or elbows). But remember it’s important to make sure your core muscles are engaged properly & correctly, drawing your bellybutton in towards your spine creating that rounded position in the belly.  

Spring Specials! – Click here for a good deal!

We are excited to be involved with the Northern Beaches Council’s ‘Spring into Mona Vale’ initiative this September. Check out what we have on offer at The Acro Studio to celebrate the start of Spring!

Intro to Acro Special Offer

$40 for 2 weeks Unlimited Classes

Come and try Partner Acrobatics with our special offer. Attend unlimited classes over 2 weeks for only $40.  Suitable for all levels – from complete beginner to those with experience.  Acro is more fun with a friend, therefore a partner is recommended but not required. Available via MindBody – click here.

Dates: Offer ends Monday 30th September. Valid for new customers only.

2-for-1 Tuesdays

Bring a Friend for Free

Ready to try Acro but haven’t quite convinced your partner/friend to come with you? Bring them along for free! Every Tuesday in September we will be offering 2-for-1 Mixed Acro Class.  Suitable for beginner & intermediate levels, expect to find a variety of AcroYoga, AcroBalance & Standing Acro for those that are up for the challenge!! Book via email Chris@theacrostudio.com.au

Dates: Tuesday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th September (6:30-8pm).

Open Days

Sunday Afternoons – Meet & Greet, Stay & Play

Pop in to one of our open training sessions anytime between 3-6pm on Sundays in September for a meet and greet with us. Come and see the space & have a look at what some of our students are working on.  We welcome you to see our space and what we offer. If you’re feeling up for it we encourage you to have a go too.  Everyone is welcome & it’s FREE!

Dates: Sunday 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th September (anytime between 3-6pm). Valid for new customers only.

Valid from 1st-30th September 2019 only.

Adagio Workshop with Rick Everett

Sunday 12th May 2019

Coming Soon

Icarian Workshop with Zion & Poppy!

Saturday 23rd March 2019

We had a popping good time at the Icarian Workshop with Zion & Poppy during their visit to Sydney in March. The energetic duo absolutely wowed us all with their skills in the famous risley chair.

The workshop catered for a range of levels, including some who have only started acro this year, to some special guest pros, Zion & Poppy ensured to provide skills and progressions to suit everyones needs.

Some highlights for us were learning some new entries & exits, we drill so many skills in the bird & throne position, so changing up & challenging ourselves to get in & out makes it a lot more fun & gives us some variation to our routine training. We particularly enjoyed jumping into reverse throne (flyer starting at bases head) followed by the backwards walkover exit from reverse throne.

Participants worked on techniques, progressions & timings for 3 main skills that were covered in this workshop:
*Bird to Throne / Throne to Bird Pops
*Castaway (Bird 3/4 turn to Throne)
*Front Somersault (Throne to Throne)

Zion & Poppy

Each partnership worked at their own pace practicing the drills depending on which skill they were working on. A popular one was the straight leg throne to tuck pops, there was certainly some incredible height in the room! Another fun drill was the forward roll along the crash mats, with the flyer landing & opening out on the bases feet, a fun surprise catch for both flyer & base – there were lots of laughs with this one!

During each round of exercises, every group had the opportunity to rotate through to use the Risley Chair, & on the final round each group got to work their chosen skill on the chair & using the lunge lines. We want to take this opportunity to thank every single participant for their value & contribution to the safety of themselves & the other participants in the workshop. It was great to see active spotting & a supportive environment from everyone, especially between participants who hadn’t even met prior to the day.

We appreciate & thank all of our participants for coming along (& travelling so far for some!), bringing their positive attitudes & giving it their all. And of course a big THANK YOU to the AMAZING ZION & POPPY for an epic workshop full of fun & POPS!

Visit Zion & Poppys Website Here

Essentials of F2H & H2H – DuoDie Workshop

We were absolutely honoured to welcome Caitlin & Dane (DuoDie Acrobatics) to The Acro Studio for their Essentials of Foot to Hand & Hand to Hand Workshop on Sunday 17th February 2019. DuoDie are one of Sydney’s leading acrobatic duo’s, they have travelled the world teaching, training, learning & sharing. We have trained with DuoDie many times over the years at the local jams, private sessions & workshops at The Movement Academy, we can’t thank them enough for sharing their knowledge, skills & expertise with us at The Acro Studio.

Caitlin & Dane facilitated a FREE Communication & Safety session for the first hour, which consisted of group discussions addressing some important questions & allowing participants to share their feelings & experiences when it comes to communication in Acro. Our group was asked our perception of the role of the base & flyer in acro, to which we discussed the importance of teamwork on both parts. We agreed that the base & flyer have equally important parts to play during a skill, it’s more than just relying on the bases strength or the flyers shape. Caitlin & Dane promoted the importance of empowerment in acro & the need to speak up as a base/flyer/spotter before, during & after any skill. It was a great reminder to not make assumptions about what others think or know but speak & listen to ensure everyone involved in a particular skill is on the same page & comfortable to partake in their role.

Moving on to the physical side of things, we started with some partner warmups, including anticipating & responding to your partner & working together to calibrate & understand each-others tempos & timing. T&T – a really important aspect to work on, because you know what they say – timing is everything. After some fun activities the hard work began, Caitlin & Dane demonstrated some conditioning drills to work on with our partner, drills that are relevant for the skills that we would be getting to later. Breaking down skills into drills is one of Caitlin & Danes specialties, increasing body awareness, creating muscle memory & developing an understanding of each component of a skill is essential when it comes to tying it all together. The workshop included a range of low (L-Base) & high (standing) components, Caitlin & Dane did a great job catering to the various levels & experience of participants & we feel like everyone had the opportunity & ability to give everything a go. We worked in groups to be able to spot each-other & practice each move safely. The overall vibe was supportive, positive & fun throughout.

We encourage our readers to check out DuoDie via their website (click here) or social media pages (Facebook & Instagram). If you were a participant we would love to hear your feedback (post in the comments section below, jump on our facebook or shoot us an email). As always, we are taking requests for what you want to learn – let us know if there is a particular workshop or certain trainers that you would like to see at The Acro Studio & we will do our best to provide this for you!

Thank you again to the amazing CAITLIN & DANE – DUODIE ACROBATICS, The Yoga Slackers for coming along all the way from the US, & of course to all of our participants who came to share in all the learning & fun – we think everyone did a great job. See you all next time!


The most exciting Acro Event of the year… AUSTRALIAN PARTNER ACROBATIC CONVENTION & Spin Circus Festival took place at Sokil Arts Eco Reatreat (Wensleydale, Victoria) in January 2019.

APAC is an eye opening experience, a fun getaway with friends in our local Acro community, reuniting with our friends from other Acro communities & meeting new friends along the way. We are always excited to meet the international trainers & see what they have to offer, & of course train with some of our favourite Aussie coaches too.

As usual, an EPIC line-up of trainers with a variety of skills & expertise across different areas. APAC included 5 days of workshops (over 20 workshops offered each day, over 7 time slots/7areas). We learnt so much & want to thank the APAC organisers – especially Chris Carlos & Ciara Thorburn – for making the event happen, all of the trainers for sharing their knowledge & expertise, and of course all of the participants/our friends for all the fun, laughs, spots, catches, and all round good times.

View Full APAC Timetable here
Full list of trainers here

APAC Trainers & Highlights

Axel & Megan – Advanced H2H


This years headline trainers were USA Sports Acro Duo – Axel & Megan, we attended their Extended Hand to Hand workshop which I would certainly consider an advanced class (IT WAS HARD!!!) incorporating drills & progressions working towards Extended Hand to Hand, starting low in the L-Base position, progressing to standing with a jump to low & press to extension, & finally progressing to jumping standing jumping straight into extension.

Axel Osborne Instagram: axltheacrobat
Megan Vaughan Giesbrect Instagram: acromegan

AXEL & MEGAN Full Performance Video HERE

Duo Maddy & Liam  – H2H / Dynamic Recatches / Cradle


Superstars Maddy & Liam ran a variety of workshops including Entries to Hand to Hand, Dynamic Recatches & Russian Cradle.
In Entries to Hand to Hand we focused on 3 main skills:
– Cartwheel entry to Extended H2H
– Inlocate to H2H
– Reverse H2H
In Dynamic Recatches we worked on the ever so important Tempos & Timing when in reverse standing in hands in order to drill for future skills including release & recatch, & backsault dismount.
Russian Cradle has to be our absolute favourite apparatus (maybe not for Chris’ legs though… it’s hard work) & this year we got harnessed in the lines to work on release & recatch on the swing (hands to feet / feet to hands).

Duo Maddy & Liam Facebook
Instagram: duo.maddy.and.liam

Zion & Poppy – Icarian/Risley


Another favourite Duo of ours Poppy & Zion, along with their coach Amy got everyone popping through the roof with their Icarian/Risley Workshop. In this style of acro, Chris is laying in the Icarian Chair which is elevated to raise his butt off the ground, creating more height, more power & more POP! We had so much fun trying some of our regular pops (bird pops, bird to throne) in the chair & then nailing some front summersaults (Mon in lines). Catch Zion & Poppy at The Acro Studio in March bringing their Icarian Workshop to Sydney!
Zion & Poppy Website
Instagram: zionandpoppy
Amy Nightingale Instagram: circus.nightingale

Annalise & Andre – Swing Toss


A new skill for us was having a go at Swing Toss – workshop hosted by Annalise Moore & Andre Augustus (recently performing in A Simple Space with Gravity & Other Myths & ROUGE). We enjoyed learning the basic swings & transitioning between limbs & even between bases! The most fun skill for us was the swing & release to spin & cradle catch, we were nailing solid double spins & even managed a triple (though it was a bit messy). Certainly a highlight for us this year.
GOM Circus
Annalise Instagram: annalisemooore
Andre Instagram: andre.augustus

Emma Goh – Adagio


Adagio… is the performance of partner acrobalance poses and associated movements that involve stationary balances by a pair of performers. Now, we are not dancers, but – we gave this a decent go AND WE LOVED IT. We had so much fun learning some new skills & variations to some we already knew, & then tying them all together to make some beautiful adagio flows. We will definitely be incorporating Adagio into classes at The Studio.
Emma Goh Website

Spencer, Sharon, Debra – A Good Catch Circus


Mon loves to Base as well as fly & we found the PERFECT workshop for this ‘Tips for Smaller Bases’ hosted by intergeneration women Spencer, Sharon & Debra. We learnt a range of skills & techniques of both L-Basing & Standing Skills, Chris played the very important role of spotter in this class (& moral support of course!)
A Good Catch CircusH

Highlight Reel

All in All, APAC was an amazing experience, we can’t recommend it enough, & we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

For more information:
APAC & Spin Fest
Chris Carlos (Founder, APAC & Spin Circus Festival)
Ciara Thorburn Instagram: ciarathorburn
Sokil Arts Eco Retreat

Hand to Hand Workshop – Duo Maddy & Liam (28th October 2018)

The Acro Studio hosted it’s first official workshop with Parter Acrobatics Duo – Maddy Burleigh & Liam DeJong. The pair started with a fun group warmup, encouraging creativity & creating laughs while breaking the ice amongst the 20+ participants. The first element of the workshop focused on the foundational techniques and calibration between base and flyer, including entering and maintaining foot to hand & hand to hand in the L-Base position. The duo then progressed the group to the standing element, of course starting from the standard entry into hand to hand from shoulders, progressing then to more dynamic entries (including drills & progressions) such as Cartwheel, and the famous ‘inlocate’ / cut through / bucket… After working on the various entries, Maddy & Liam then spent some time working on Reverse hand to hand, yet again stepping up the game of the group. After 3 solid hours it’s fair to say everyone worked HARD – yet gained invaluable knowledge & experience from exceptional acrobats & trainers – Duo Maddy & Liam. The feedback from our participants was positive & again we are grateful to Maddy & Liam for their time spent sharing their knowledge & expertise, & assisting our participants to get the most out of their training. We look forward to having these guys back soon. Check out their FB: https://www.facebook.com/DuoMaddyAndLiam/

See Gallery for workshop pics!