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Icarian Workshop with Zion & Poppy!

Saturday 23rd March 2019

We had a popping good time at the Icarian Workshop with Zion & Poppy during their visit to Sydney in March. The energetic duo absolutely wowed us all with their skills in the famous risley chair.

The workshop catered for a range of levels, including some who have only started acro this year, to some special guest pros, Zion & Poppy ensured to provide skills and progressions to suit everyones needs.

Some highlights for us were learning some new entries & exits, we drill so many skills in the bird & throne position, so changing up & challenging ourselves to get in & out makes it a lot more fun & gives us some variation to our routine training. We particularly enjoyed jumping into reverse throne (flyer starting at bases head) followed by the backwards walkover exit from reverse throne.

Participants worked on techniques, progressions & timings for 3 main skills that were covered in this workshop:
*Bird to Throne / Throne to Bird Pops
*Castaway (Bird 3/4 turn to Throne)
*Front Somersault (Throne to Throne)

Zion & Poppy

Each partnership worked at their own pace practicing the drills depending on which skill they were working on. A popular one was the straight leg throne to tuck pops, there was certainly some incredible height in the room! Another fun drill was the forward roll along the crash mats, with the flyer landing & opening out on the bases feet, a fun surprise catch for both flyer & base – there were lots of laughs with this one!

During each round of exercises, every group had the opportunity to rotate through to use the Risley Chair, & on the final round each group got to work their chosen skill on the chair & using the lunge lines. We want to take this opportunity to thank every single participant for their value & contribution to the safety of themselves & the other participants in the workshop. It was great to see active spotting & a supportive environment from everyone, especially between participants who hadn’t even met prior to the day.

We appreciate & thank all of our participants for coming along (& travelling so far for some!), bringing their positive attitudes & giving it their all. And of course a big THANK YOU to the AMAZING ZION & POPPY for an epic workshop full of fun & POPS!

Visit Zion & Poppys Website Here

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