Essentials of F2H & H2H – DuoDie Workshop – The Acro Studio

Essentials of F2H & H2H – DuoDie Workshop

We were absolutely honoured to welcome Caitlin & Dane (DuoDie Acrobatics) to The Acro Studio for their Essentials of Foot to Hand & Hand to Hand Workshop on Sunday 17th February 2019. DuoDie are one of Sydney’s leading acrobatic duo’s, they have travelled the world teaching, training, learning & sharing. We have trained with DuoDie many times over the years at the local jams, private sessions & workshops at The Movement Academy, we can’t thank them enough for sharing their knowledge, skills & expertise with us at The Acro Studio.

Caitlin & Dane facilitated a FREE Communication & Safety session for the first hour, which consisted of group discussions addressing some important questions & allowing participants to share their feelings & experiences when it comes to communication in Acro. Our group was asked our perception of the role of the base & flyer in acro, to which we discussed the importance of teamwork on both parts. We agreed that the base & flyer have equally important parts to play during a skill, it’s more than just relying on the bases strength or the flyers shape. Caitlin & Dane promoted the importance of empowerment in acro & the need to speak up as a base/flyer/spotter before, during & after any skill. It was a great reminder to not make assumptions about what others think or know but speak & listen to ensure everyone involved in a particular skill is on the same page & comfortable to partake in their role.

Moving on to the physical side of things, we started with some partner warmups, including anticipating & responding to your partner & working together to calibrate & understand each-others tempos & timing. T&T – a really important aspect to work on, because you know what they say – timing is everything. After some fun activities the hard work began, Caitlin & Dane demonstrated some conditioning drills to work on with our partner, drills that are relevant for the skills that we would be getting to later. Breaking down skills into drills is one of Caitlin & Danes specialties, increasing body awareness, creating muscle memory & developing an understanding of each component of a skill is essential when it comes to tying it all together. The workshop included a range of low (L-Base) & high (standing) components, Caitlin & Dane did a great job catering to the various levels & experience of participants & we feel like everyone had the opportunity & ability to give everything a go. We worked in groups to be able to spot each-other & practice each move safely. The overall vibe was supportive, positive & fun throughout.

We encourage our readers to check out DuoDie via their website (click here) or social media pages (Facebook & Instagram). If you were a participant we would love to hear your feedback (post in the comments section below, jump on our facebook or shoot us an email). As always, we are taking requests for what you want to learn – let us know if there is a particular workshop or certain trainers that you would like to see at The Acro Studio & we will do our best to provide this for you!

Thank you again to the amazing CAITLIN & DANE – DUODIE ACROBATICS, The Yoga Slackers for coming along all the way from the US, & of course to all of our participants who came to share in all the learning & fun – we think everyone did a great job. See you all next time!

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