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The most exciting Acro Event of the year… AUSTRALIAN PARTNER ACROBATIC CONVENTION & Spin Circus Festival took place at Sokil Arts Eco Reatreat (Wensleydale, Victoria) in January 2019.

APAC is an eye opening experience, a fun getaway with friends in our local Acro community, reuniting with our friends from other Acro communities & meeting new friends along the way. We are always excited to meet the international trainers & see what they have to offer, & of course train with some of our favourite Aussie coaches too.

As usual, an EPIC line-up of trainers with a variety of skills & expertise across different areas. APAC included 5 days of workshops (over 20 workshops offered each day, over 7 time slots/7areas). We learnt so much & want to thank the APAC organisers – especially Chris Carlos & Ciara Thorburn – for making the event happen, all of the trainers for sharing their knowledge & expertise, and of course all of the participants/our friends for all the fun, laughs, spots, catches, and all round good times.

View Full APAC Timetable here
Full list of trainers here

APAC Trainers & Highlights

Axel & Megan – Advanced H2H


This years headline trainers were USA Sports Acro Duo – Axel & Megan, we attended their Extended Hand to Hand workshop which I would certainly consider an advanced class (IT WAS HARD!!!) incorporating drills & progressions working towards Extended Hand to Hand, starting low in the L-Base position, progressing to standing with a jump to low & press to extension, & finally progressing to jumping standing jumping straight into extension.

Axel Osborne Instagram: axltheacrobat
Megan Vaughan Giesbrect Instagram: acromegan

AXEL & MEGAN Full Performance Video HERE

Duo Maddy & Liam  – H2H / Dynamic Recatches / Cradle


Superstars Maddy & Liam ran a variety of workshops including Entries to Hand to Hand, Dynamic Recatches & Russian Cradle.
In Entries to Hand to Hand we focused on 3 main skills:
– Cartwheel entry to Extended H2H
– Inlocate to H2H
– Reverse H2H
In Dynamic Recatches we worked on the ever so important Tempos & Timing when in reverse standing in hands in order to drill for future skills including release & recatch, & backsault dismount.
Russian Cradle has to be our absolute favourite apparatus (maybe not for Chris’ legs though… it’s hard work) & this year we got harnessed in the lines to work on release & recatch on the swing (hands to feet / feet to hands).

Duo Maddy & Liam Facebook
Instagram: duo.maddy.and.liam

Zion & Poppy – Icarian/Risley


Another favourite Duo of ours Poppy & Zion, along with their coach Amy got everyone popping through the roof with their Icarian/Risley Workshop. In this style of acro, Chris is laying in the Icarian Chair which is elevated to raise his butt off the ground, creating more height, more power & more POP! We had so much fun trying some of our regular pops (bird pops, bird to throne) in the chair & then nailing some front summersaults (Mon in lines). Catch Zion & Poppy at The Acro Studio in March bringing their Icarian Workshop to Sydney!
Zion & Poppy Website
Instagram: zionandpoppy
Amy Nightingale Instagram: circus.nightingale

Annalise & Andre – Swing Toss


A new skill for us was having a go at Swing Toss – workshop hosted by Annalise Moore & Andre Augustus (recently performing in A Simple Space with Gravity & Other Myths & ROUGE). We enjoyed learning the basic swings & transitioning between limbs & even between bases! The most fun skill for us was the swing & release to spin & cradle catch, we were nailing solid double spins & even managed a triple (though it was a bit messy). Certainly a highlight for us this year.
GOM Circus
Annalise Instagram: annalisemooore
Andre Instagram: andre.augustus

Emma Goh – Adagio


Adagio… is the performance of partner acrobalance poses and associated movements that involve stationary balances by a pair of performers. Now, we are not dancers, but – we gave this a decent go AND WE LOVED IT. We had so much fun learning some new skills & variations to some we already knew, & then tying them all together to make some beautiful adagio flows. We will definitely be incorporating Adagio into classes at The Studio.
Emma Goh Website

Spencer, Sharon, Debra – A Good Catch Circus


Mon loves to Base as well as fly & we found the PERFECT workshop for this ‘Tips for Smaller Bases’ hosted by intergeneration women Spencer, Sharon & Debra. We learnt a range of skills & techniques of both L-Basing & Standing Skills, Chris played the very important role of spotter in this class (& moral support of course!)
A Good Catch CircusH

Highlight Reel

All in All, APAC was an amazing experience, we can’t recommend it enough, & we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

For more information:
APAC & Spin Fest
Chris Carlos (Founder, APAC & Spin Circus Festival)
Ciara Thorburn Instagram: ciarathorburn
Sokil Arts Eco Retreat

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