Hand to Hand Workshop – Duo Maddy & Liam (28th October 2018) – The Acro Studio

Hand to Hand Workshop – Duo Maddy & Liam (28th October 2018)

The Acro Studio hosted it’s first official workshop with Parter Acrobatics Duo – Maddy Burleigh & Liam DeJong. The pair started with a fun group warmup, encouraging creativity & creating laughs while breaking the ice amongst the 20+ participants. The first element of the workshop focused on the foundational techniques and calibration between base and flyer, including entering and maintaining foot to hand & hand to hand in the L-Base position. The duo then progressed the group to the standing element, of course starting from the standard entry into hand to hand from shoulders, progressing then to more dynamic entries (including drills & progressions) such as Cartwheel, and the famous ‘inlocate’ / cut through / bucket… After working on the various entries, Maddy & Liam then spent some time working on Reverse hand to hand, yet again stepping up the game of the group. After 3 solid hours it’s fair to say everyone worked HARD – yet gained invaluable knowledge & experience from exceptional acrobats & trainers – Duo Maddy & Liam. The feedback from our participants was positive & again we are grateful to Maddy & Liam for their time spent sharing their knowledge & expertise, & assisting our participants to get the most out of their training. We look forward to having these guys back soon. Check out their FB: https://www.facebook.com/DuoMaddyAndLiam/

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