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L-Basing is partner based acrobatics involving a 'base' and 'flyer'. Bases and flyers work together to create poses where the flyer is balanced on the feet or hands of the base. Both parties involved will be build fantastic core and overall strength through having fun interactions as well. Beginner level includes static poses and acro balance fundamentals. Intermediate level includes dynamic movements, including flows, pops and transitions of the static poses learnt in the beginner class. No partner required, though it is encouraged.

Standing Acrobatics

Standing acrobatics consists of a base and a flyer where the base lifts and supports the flyer in standing static postures. Tempo, timing and positional fundamentals are taught in this class. No partner required though it is encouraged.

Open Training

Open training provides a safe space to practice acrobatic skills. This session is supervised by our teachers who can offer support and guidance, however no formal class instruction is provided. Creativity is encouraged, found a pose on instagram? Or just want to drill your skills? Take advantage of our crash mats, lunge lines & coaches who can assist you to make it happen!


Take your training to new levels by attending a workshop at The Acro Studio. Look out for workshops offered by special guest trainers and duo’s who come to share their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Corporate Services

Acro is a great team building exercise which builds communication, collaboration, trust and teamwork - not to mention a fun activity allowing your staff to relax and have a good laugh.


Having a birthday? Looking for a fun hens day idea? Let us help you celebrate - try something new & have a ton of laughs! Private events available upon request. Contact us for more info!

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March 31, 2019 No Comments

Icarian Workshop with Zion & Poppy!

Saturday 23rd March 2019 We had a popping good time at the Icarian Workshop with Zion & Poppy during their visit to Sydney in March. The energetic duo absolutely wowed us all with their skills in the famous risley chair. The workshop catered for a range of levels, including some who have only started acro…

February 18, 2019 No Comments

Essentials of F2H & H2H – DuoDie Workshop

We were absolutely honoured to welcome Caitlin & Dane (DuoDie Acrobatics) to The Acro Studio for their Essentials of Foot to Hand & Hand to Hand Workshop on Sunday 17th February 2019. DuoDie are one of Sydney’s leading acrobatic duo’s, they have travelled the world teaching, training, learning & sharing. We have trained with DuoDie…

January 31, 2019 No Comments


The most exciting Acro Event of the year… AUSTRALIAN PARTNER ACROBATIC CONVENTION & Spin Circus Festival took place at Sokil Arts Eco Reatreat (Wensleydale, Victoria) in January 2019. APAC is an eye opening experience, a fun getaway with friends in our local Acro community, reuniting with our friends from other Acro communities & meeting new…