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Welcome to The Acro Studio

Health. Fitness. Community. We pride ourselves in creating a safe & welcoming environment for our clients to train and make connections with other like minded people. We have a strong focus on helping our clients increase their physical health and mental wellbeing, encouraging fun and creativity into our classes.


Learn a variety of floor based acro skills including poses, transitions, flows, pops and more. Suitable for all levels from complete beginner to experienced - we cater to your level to ensure a fun & safe class.

Standing Acrobatics

Learn a variety of standing acrobatic skills such as counter balance, poses , dance lifts & more. Standing Acro is a great full body workout while learning safe techniques. Challenge yourself & let us show you what you can do!

Open Training

Open training provides a safe space to practice skills learnt in class. This session is supervised by our coaches who offer support & guidance, however no formal class instruction is provided. Creativity is encouraged, the possibilities are endless!

Additional Services

Workshops - Keep an eye out for upcoming Workshops or contact us to host a workshop for you or your group. Corporate Services - Acro is great for improving teamwork, communication & collaboration (& it's fun) contact us for more info. Events - We are available to host events (e.g birthdays, Christmas parties) or attend your local events & add some excitement!

Health & Fitness

Training Acro is a full body workout (without actually realising it). We guarantee you will see an improvement in your physical health by training with us on a regular basis. Expect to see an increase in strength, balance, mobility, flexibility & general fitness levels. Not to mention Acro is great for the mind, requiring you to think & learn (no boring workouts!). Mentally Acro will boost your mood, we guarantee laughs, fun & acheivements!


At The Acro Studio we work to create a space where our clients feel welcome. We encourage you to come as you are, be yourself, connect with other like minded people, & of course - HAVE FUN! We have watched our clients become friends over the past year, supporting each other & socialising. Join our community today!



Increase physical fitness including strength, mobility, balance and cardiovascular. Acro is a full body workout!


Our classes are fun, we encourage laughter & promote wellbeing leaving our clients feeling good!


Connect with like minded people in a safe and friendly environment.

Latest News!

January 2, 2020 No Comments

New Year. Better You.

10 Tips for a Healthy 2020. 1. Be Active. A physically active lifestyle has many health benefits which can include:– An increase in your energy levels (important for those busy bodies!)– Maintaining healthy bones & muscles – Improve brain function & memory – Improve your sleep! (A good rest is important)– A reduced risk of…

November 27, 2019 No Comments


To celebrate Webers Circus returning to the Northern Beaches we are teaming up to offer not 1 but 3 Spectacular Prize Packs! Webers Circus will be showcasing their ‘A Touch of Christmas’ Show December 6th-15th at Boondah Reserve, Warriewood. Webers Circus & The Acro Studio are GIVING AWAY 3 Prize Packs! Each prize pack includes:…

October 17, 2019 No Comments

Dish. The Core Strengthening Exercise that will Change Everything.

Anyone who comes to our classes knows this position well.  We often include a taste of this ab burner in our warmups (either static dish holds or variations of) because it’s also a very important position in Acro – for both flyers & bases.  So what is a ‘dish’? Also known as a ‘hollow hold’…

"The Acro Studio is an amazing place... I have been there few times to improve my mobility and learn some Acrobatics skills and I really loved it !! I have been training in many places and The Acro Studio is really having something special. Chris and Monique are two passionate and lovely people. I loved the way they make you feel at home. Both of theme have such a great knowlegde and skills. About the place, the studio is brand new with everything you need to train in a safe environment. I am not use to write review on internet but they really diserve it. I truely recommend this place!!"

Florent P

"I really recommend The acro studio! The acro studio is the perfect place if you like and want to learn new moves, if you want to improve your acrobatic, handstand technique, or even just have fun !! Above all you exceed, in a fantastic atmosphere, during training you can feel the pleasure of sharing their passion. They have the power to pass on their passion with great success! Chris and Monique are very educational and playful in their way of teaching. They are the best teachers I've met. Thanks to them, with my partener we could improve and learn a lot of new things... They are amazing to see when they perform together. They are true inspiration for my partner and myself! I can not wait for the next play time !!"

Caroline C

"Incredible place to do acro in a fun * safe environment. Chris & Mon make the experience even better with their expertise, they know how & what to do for you to improve adjusting to your level. Couldn't be happier!!"

Germán H

"Super fun and friendly environment to learn all the Acro tricks! Chris and Mon are amazing teachers and so dedicated to each student's individual progress (and they make all the Acro moves look so desirable yet achievable).  Definitely recommend for all levels, the classes always have several levels so everyone can pick up exactly where they are.  Oh and it's super fun!"

Leonie L

"The studio has been the highlight of our trip to Sydney, the space is perfectly set up for safe practice from beginner to advanced. Chris and Mon have been amazing coaches, they tailoring each session to the level of the individuals and helped us progress so much on our short stay! Thank you so much team!"

Khloe C

"Great place to learn or improve your Acro skills - Chris & Mon are amazing teachers, breaking down the drills in a very safe way but also creating a very fun and open environment.  If you are new to Acroyoga this is the perfect space to start and learn the fondations in a playful way!  If you are experienced already, they will help you level up on your skills and keep growing in your practice!  Chris and Mon are highly dedicated to their students successes and it shows! I can’t recommend this place enough!"

Ambre G

"The best place to learn acro! Such a fun and safe environment! I always have the best time here and improve each week! It is a great way to finish the day!"

Adriana M