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Duo Maddy & Liam Workshop – Sunday 28th October 2018

Saturday Funday – Jennifer Vo Photography






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Chris Brown

Chris has a vast knowledge of Fitness and Health and is a qualified Personal Trainer and Rehab Practitioner. Chris found Acro many years ago and has truly found his place in this world sharing his passion for Acro everywhere he goes. One of the communities longest members and regular face at the meets. His passion comes from seeing people succeed at doing things they never thought they could.

Angela Mitchell

Ange Mitchell, a qualified yoga instructor, Master Trainer and all round Acro loving weapon! One of the most amazing and passionate people we have met in this community. Her passion for all things fun and exciting is what we love about her. A true asset to The Acro Studio and community.

Monique Gilbert

Mon is a qualified Fitness Trainer and Registered Nurse who has found her drive within the acro community, and is passionate about all things Acro! Her ability as a flyer has been fast tracked through her dedication to learn and develop her skills, along with her spirit to have plenty of fun in the process. Mon loves to teach, and share her knowledge to help others achieve their goals. We are grateful to have Mon as a part of The Acro Studio and the community as a whole.