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The most exciting Acro Event of the year… AUSTRALIAN PARTNER ACROBATIC CONVENTION & Spin Circus Festival took place at Sokil Arts Eco Reatreat (Wensleydale, Victoria) in January 2019.

APAC is an eye opening experience, a fun getaway with friends in our local Acro community, reuniting with our friends from other Acro communities & meeting new friends along the way. We are always excited to meet the international trainers & see what they have to offer, & of course train with some of our favourite Aussie coaches too.

As usual, an EPIC line-up of trainers with a variety of skills & expertise across different areas. APAC included 5 days of workshops (over 20 workshops offered each day, over 7 time slots/7areas). We learnt so much & want to thank the APAC organisers – especially Chris Carlos & Ciara Thorburn – for making the event happen, all of the trainers for sharing their knowledge & expertise, and of course all of the participants/our friends for all the fun, laughs, spots, catches, and all round good times.

View Full APAC Timetable here
Full list of trainers here

APAC Trainers & Highlights

Axel & Megan – Advanced H2H


This years headline trainers were USA Sports Acro Duo – Axel & Megan, we attended their Extended Hand to Hand workshop which I would certainly consider an advanced class (IT WAS HARD!!!) incorporating drills & progressions working towards Extended Hand to Hand, starting low in the L-Base position, progressing to standing with a jump to low & press to extension, & finally progressing to jumping standing jumping straight into extension.

Axel Osborne Instagram: axltheacrobat
Megan Vaughan Giesbrect Instagram: acromegan

AXEL & MEGAN Full Performance Video HERE

Duo Maddy & Liam  – H2H / Dynamic Recatches / Cradle


Superstars Maddy & Liam ran a variety of workshops including Entries to Hand to Hand, Dynamic Recatches & Russian Cradle.
In Entries to Hand to Hand we focused on 3 main skills:
– Cartwheel entry to Extended H2H
– Inlocate to H2H
– Reverse H2H
In Dynamic Recatches we worked on the ever so important Tempos & Timing when in reverse standing in hands in order to drill for future skills including release & recatch, & backsault dismount.
Russian Cradle has to be our absolute favourite apparatus (maybe not for Chris’ legs though… it’s hard work) & this year we got harnessed in the lines to work on release & recatch on the swing (hands to feet / feet to hands).

Duo Maddy & Liam Facebook
Instagram: duo.maddy.and.liam

Zion & Poppy – Icarian/Risley


Another favourite Duo of ours Poppy & Zion, along with their coach Amy got everyone popping through the roof with their Icarian/Risley Workshop. In this style of acro, Chris is laying in the Icarian Chair which is elevated to raise his butt off the ground, creating more height, more power & more POP! We had so much fun trying some of our regular pops (bird pops, bird to throne) in the chair & then nailing some front summersaults (Mon in lines). Catch Zion & Poppy at The Acro Studio in March bringing their Icarian Workshop to Sydney!
Zion & Poppy Website
Instagram: zionandpoppy
Amy Nightingale Instagram: circus.nightingale

Annalise & Andre – Swing Toss


A new skill for us was having a go at Swing Toss – workshop hosted by Annalise Moore & Andre Augustus (recently performing in A Simple Space with Gravity & Other Myths & ROUGE). We enjoyed learning the basic swings & transitioning between limbs & even between bases! The most fun skill for us was the swing & release to spin & cradle catch, we were nailing solid double spins & even managed a triple (though it was a bit messy). Certainly a highlight for us this year.
GOM Circus
Annalise Instagram: annalisemooore
Andre Instagram: andre.augustus

Emma Goh – Adagio


Adagio… is the performance of partner acrobalance poses and associated movements that involve stationary balances by a pair of performers. Now, we are not dancers, but – we gave this a decent go AND WE LOVED IT. We had so much fun learning some new skills & variations to some we already knew, & then tying them all together to make some beautiful adagio flows. We will definitely be incorporating Adagio into classes at The Studio.
Emma Goh Website

Spencer, Sharon, Debra – A Good Catch Circus


Mon loves to Base as well as fly & we found the PERFECT workshop for this ‘Tips for Smaller Bases’ hosted by intergeneration women Spencer, Sharon & Debra. We learnt a range of skills & techniques of both L-Basing & Standing Skills, Chris played the very important role of spotter in this class (& moral support of course!)
A Good Catch CircusH

Highlight Reel

All in All, APAC was an amazing experience, we can’t recommend it enough, & we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

For more information:
APAC & Spin Fest
Chris Carlos (Founder, APAC & Spin Circus Festival)
Ciara Thorburn Instagram: ciarathorburn
Sokil Arts Eco Retreat

Hand to Hand Workshop – Duo Maddy & Liam (28th October 2018)

The Acro Studio hosted it’s first official workshop with Parter Acrobatics Duo – Maddy Burleigh & Liam DeJong. The pair started with a fun group warmup, encouraging creativity & creating laughs while breaking the ice amongst the 20+ participants. The first element of the workshop focused on the foundational techniques and calibration between base and flyer, including entering and maintaining foot to hand & hand to hand in the L-Base position. The duo then progressed the group to the standing element, of course starting from the standard entry into hand to hand from shoulders, progressing then to more dynamic entries (including drills & progressions) such as Cartwheel, and the famous ‘inlocate’ / cut through / bucket… After working on the various entries, Maddy & Liam then spent some time working on Reverse hand to hand, yet again stepping up the game of the group. After 3 solid hours it’s fair to say everyone worked HARD – yet gained invaluable knowledge & experience from exceptional acrobats & trainers – Duo Maddy & Liam. The feedback from our participants was positive & again we are grateful to Maddy & Liam for their time spent sharing their knowledge & expertise, & assisting our participants to get the most out of their training. We look forward to having these guys back soon. Check out their FB: https://www.facebook.com/DuoMaddyAndLiam/

See Gallery for workshop pics!